Leongatha Rural Supplies

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Welcome to Leongatha Rural Supplies. We have gone online! Save this page as your home page, and see the new specials available each week.   At this stage, we are still building the web site, it is proving to be a slow process as our internet connection has been so appalling for the last six months!!  But hopefully, we can now start working on it :)

What do we stock, well just a brief outline to begin with!

  • Drench for cattle, sheep, deer, goats
  • Vitamins and Minerals for Horse, Sheep, Cattle, Goats
  • Insecticides and Herbicides
  • Hay, Lucerne, Straw, Clover Hay.
  • Water troughs, tanks, fittings
  • Rubber boots, leather boots, socks.RUBBER BOOTS
  • Wet Weather Gear
  • Ear Tags
  • Dairy supplies
  • Safety Equipment
  • Pet Accessories, dog collars, flea products, bowls, chains.
  • Ferlisers and pasture seed
  • Dog Food, Cat Food
  • Garden Mulch, compost
  • Shearing Equipment and wool packs
  • Medicinal for grass tetany, milk fever, pink eye, footrot, bloat
  • Vaccines
  • Hay Feeders, culverts, crushes, scales
  • Fencing materials, treated pine posts, wire, staples, tools


And when it comes to animal feed, we have a large variety

  • Budgie, Canary, Pigeon, sunflower, wild bird seeds
  • Layer, Grower, chick pellets
  • Turkey pellets
  • Guinea Pig and Rabbit pellets
  • Alpaca Mix
  • Goat mix
  • Pig supplement
  • and a very large variety of Horse Supplements and feeds.